After much thought I'm closing this blog. I've spread my interests across too many places so I'm condensing them down into one place:  You'll still be able to see my art there as well as my crafts and other creative endeavors. Ciao!

What's up with me and world music? lol

A little snippet of my current "cheer me up" soundtrack.

Go ahead and dance. You know you want to. ^_^

I love technology!!!

Have you people seen this? This will completely change how I work for the better. I must have one!

Fire Emblem!

I am a HUGE Fire Emblem fan/junkie/geek, whatever you want to call me. And when you get a Fire Emblem geek who's also an artist with too much time on their hands you get this: (BTW, Soren's my favorite.)

Meet Emmie Clay!

Here's the next member of the steampunk ladies: A Navajo woman who's a weapons expert.

Now, onto her colors!!

I Make Cake!!

Today is my little girl's 10th birthday so I figured I'd make her an extra special cake to celebrate. I really can't believe where all the time went and all that's happened inbetween. She's really a special girl and my partner in crime. Love you sweetie!!

Yes, that is all cake!! The meatballs are chocolate cake. The sauce is pureed strawberries. The noodles are frosting and the cheese is white chocolate. Thank you Food Network because I wouldn't have been able to make it without you. ^_^

Asian Steampunk- Finished!

This lady is going to have a few pals to run around with, if I can get my butt in gear and draw them. There's going to be a Native American woman, a West African woman, and a Scottish woman in the "gang." This is going to be fun!

***BTW, I'm still open for sketch commissions! $5 per portrait!

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I have split personalities that all live in harmony. There is the cook, the writer, the singer, the dancer, the mother, the lover, and finally the artist. You never know who might be in charge from day to day. ^_^


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