For Momoko

I'm so happy I finally get to show this piece. It was a present for a dear friend and his lovely wife for their wedding. (Checks calendar.) They should be well out into the Carribean by now on their honeymoon. Cheers to the both of you!

In the details

I tried my best tonight to do a long, detailed drawing and truly make some art. This is step one. Tomorrow comes the inks.

Spring/Summer Commissions!! 50 slots!!

Hey there folks! I'll be honest. I need a little bit of help from all of my friends and watchers out there. My husband was quite sick most of last month (he's okay now) and while he was out of work I had to use the money for my artist's alley table for AWA to pay for bills. So with that in mind, I'm taking some sketch commissions. Simple, portraits for $5 each. Could you lend a hand?


Here are the details:

1) The $5 is for one sketch bust portrait of one character. Any additional sketches or characters will be an additional $5.

2) The character can be either copyrighted or original. If it is original, please include: a)Character name and b) a brief description or a link to a visual reference.

3)Completed sketches will be emailed as a high resolution scan to the commissioner.

4)Please email me your requests with the following information:
Name of DeviantART name
# of portraits wanted
character descriptions/ visual aid links
your email

5) I'm only accepting PAYPAL. I'm sorry. No exceptions.

And that's it! My e-mail is sarah_a_bowman (at) Just replace the (at) with the proper symbol. I'll email you back with your total and the proper payment info and then all will be go! I'll get them done ASAP!!

Thanks in advance for everyone who's kind enough to help out! I'm telling you. I appreciate each and every one of you.

Peace and love,

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